MOAG is Manu Nes Annesley from Paris. He's a Soundcloud artist who successfully collaborates with many people from around the world. He's a singer, guitarist and bassist, but also dabbles in keys. This track 'Leaving' is something completely different for both of us.

The Screach are Michael Walker and Adam Coppock from Missoula USA. They record their songs 'live' on tape with a couple of mics through a 4 track and asked me to add some guitar and backing vocals. Although I wasn't planning to do anymore collaborations this year, Michael has been so supportive of my music, I couldn't say no. It didn't hurt that I really loved the track too.

The - Groove was released on 26th September 2014 and is now part of lola demo's Black and Blue EP on Bandcamp.


The Weighty Tree and I connected via Soundcloud in December 2013. From the first time I heard his tracks, I wanted to write something with him. It took me nearly 8 months to get to it, but I finally managed to steal some time.  
'The Colour of Our Love Is Black and Blue' was released for free download (mp3) on the 6th September 2014.

An Di Yi sent me his song a few months before I had the time to do it. It's completely his song, I just had the opportunity to record the instruments, sing and mix and master the track. I guess it's more of a 'cover' than a collaboration. I loved the track the first time I heard it and was very excited to be able to sing with him on a recording. The track was released on the 3rd September 2014.

I was contacted by  Barry Snaith from The Inconsistent Jukebox and asked to collaborate with him on a track that was originally a kind of 'mash-up' between him and Nirvana, but due to legal issues, he had to rewrite the vocal parts, so I was asked to write a couple of verses and chorus, which I did, resulting in the title 'Bleed Through. The lyrics were inspired by Israeli/Palestinian events during that period. Barry then filled in the gaps vocally and asked Darren Chilton to burn up a guitar solo. Although I'm not big on guitar solos in general, Darren did exactly what Barry Snaith had hoped for.  The track was released on 22nd August 2014.

This is quite an old collaboration between myself and Demetri Vlass aka Headcharge777, but was released in July 2014 through Soundcloud. The song was written after a trip to the Peloponnese in Greece, looking for the The Gates of Hades, the 'Devil's Door'.  It was also released through Hard Candy (my old band) on the 'Junior' single release.

Feel it Turn is a track from a small collection of songs I collaborated with Headcharge777 on. It's available on the 'No. 1' EP, available on Bandcamp. Demetri and I used to write alot of songs together, but then for many years, argued more than we were creative, so collaborations became less and less. Demetri from Headcharge777 writes some beautiful melodies and sometimes, despite knowing I may want to kill him during the process, I have had the need to write something to his instrumental mixes.

Yintan is Rien Post. He was an award winning video editor in the Netherlands before moving to Greece. He started playing around with music and writing his own electronic material after I introduced him to Cubase and Reason, so when he asked me to write some lyrics and melody to this piece of music, of course I said 'yes'. The chorus I wrote had been without first speaking to him. It was a complete coincidence that he had already called the track 'Float'.

Pole Folder introduced himself to me in 2009 after hearing some tracks on Myspace. His intention was to write an album with me, but that never eventuated, despite all the songs being written for it. All the songs he didn't use, I reworked and re-recorded with my own instrumental melody structure and called it 'Black Dog'. Available on Bandcamp. A couple of songs however were used by Pole Folder in remixes. Dimension Missing is one. All the lyrics were inspired by conversations between us over a period of a few months.

I Hate Myself was the first song written as a result of collaborating with Pole Folder, Belgium Producer and Dj. I had no clue about dance music or dj sets and when he and his record company told me that Sasha was going to do a remix, with such great excitement, I felt like an idiot, but I did ask "Who is Sasha?"  I will always be grateful for having met Pole Folder, he opened my eyes to electronic music, which I had never contemplated doing prior to our meeting.