The latest on lola demo

Sunday 21st July 2018

2017 has been mostly m1nk for me m1nk = em 1 en kay and is my electronic experience with co founder Barry Snaith. So it's been a little quiet with lola demo. Still, there's so much going on that I'm excited to share with you. As m1nk we had a dinner with Chief Exec of BMG, Korda Marshall who is helping us find a label that will give our music a loving home. He's been so generous and helpful, we're quite pleased to have him on our side. Anyway, head on over to m1nk website for all the news and links to subscribe if you're interested. There's lola in everything, even m1nk. You can keep up with what happens on
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Friday 14th July 2017

It's been a long while since I've posted anything, but it's for a good reason. I have a new musical project which I'm excited about and loving a little more than lola demo right now. MAU. Mau is me and Barry Snaith, a dark electronica project. We have already recorded an albums worth of tracks and made some unusual videos. If you like David Lynch and some psycho erotic themes, then you may like Mau.

Sunday 7th August 2016

Have just released a single from my forthcoming EP (EP is unamed as yet) but the track is called 'So Why Am I'. Link is on home page and of course on bandcamp. I was going to write some songs about love, but it's ending up to be another mix of bliss and pain and various other wonderful and uncomfortable stimuli inbetween. Have so far written 4 songs for it and hope to do a couple more before releasing it. I may have to scratch one of the tracks. It sounds a little like soft porn on polycarbonate. Still undecided about that.

Over the past couple of months, I've enjoyed doing cover versions of artists tracks I love on Soundcloud. Reconstructing and Deconstructing them. It was a great experience to get behind someone else's emotions, trying to shape them to fit into mine. A challenge I really enjoyed. I may also release them in the not too distant future, once I clear it with all the artists involved. You can have a listen to tracks on Soundcloud here:

Saturday 16th April 2016

Today I released Morphine Crush. Firstly available on bandcamp and cdbaby with itunes, spotify and all the other online platforms to follow during the week.

Wednesday 13th April 2016

After doubting I had enough inspiration to write 1 song, I've managed to complete an entire album 'Morphine Crush'. 10 tracks  to be released very soon. Just getting cover organized and distribution to itunes, spotify etc and of course bandcamp. Will let you know when it's ready for listening as well as buying.

Thursday 24th March 2016

Things have been a little quiet musically for me over the past few months. I was in Australia for 2.5 months caring for my mother who died on the morning I was returning to Greece. Trying to get inspired and motivated for my 2016 album, but it's been a little difficult moving through this sadness. I did write this song as an ode to the experience of watching someone you love, die.

With changes to soundcloud, I'll probably move away from that platform more and more over this next year. Soundclouds association with Sony isn't great for us Indie musicians.

Tuesday 7th April 2015

Lucky enough to have 2 tracks on the Soundcloud charts. Owow! is on the Alternative chart and Wet Kiss on the Indie Chart. Now I just need enough people to play them so they don't fall off. Both are near the bottom, so they could be gone any minute now.

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Sometimes I sketch things. When I first moved to Greece I did a whole series of these post cards to make some pocket money. This is the only one I have left.  Anne Liljengren from the US contacted me to see if she could use it for the cover of a book she is publishing this year. I said 'yes'.


Monday 30th March 2015

Finished mixing and mastering Red Stencil's (Karen Stanton) single 'Body Count'. Am really enjoying this process. Also happy to know Karen loves it.


Friday 6th January 2015

About 10 days ago I put out a call for people from around the world to send me video footage of themselves to include in my Feed The Machine video. I had such a great response and absolutely loved seeing everyone in their own environments. Was so cool to edit. It's now on my home page and Youtube of course. Really very happy with the result.

Finished mixing and mastering Screach's debut album 'The Groove' last week. Happy to say he's getting a great response and he's very happy with it.

Will be starting another mixing gig with Kar Stanton soon also, as well as a remix of Bleed Through (The Inconsistent Jukebox/lolademo).


Wednesday 10th December 2014

Nice to see that Ego Mansize from White Noise album landed on the Indie Rock chart on Soundcloud after just 22 hours. Also great to see a track by Jessical Bell which I produced, is also doing really well on soundcloud.


Thursday 27th November 2014

Have just finished finalizing my new album 'White Noise' an emotional commentary on the bullshit, political and personal, global and local, that we try to block out, but still manages to interfere with the clarity and perfect harmony we all wish to have in our lives.

Despite the heavy content, the songs are much more laid back from recent releases which have been more confronting. Oh, and I only use 'fuck' once.

White Noise is 10 tracks of mostly guitar, bass, drums and vocals, but with some electronic sounds filtering through.

On Facebook, I opened up a conversation with some of my followers by asking them to contribute one line of lyrics for one of the songs on the album. The line that fit best with the content and melody would be featured. Happy to say that Kelvyn Taylor's lyric
"Where the wind blows I cannot follow, where the river flows, I cannot run" won the competition. His lyrics are on track 3 'Drowning out the Noise'.

You can listen to the full album or buy here: