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"Utterly staggering album. Every track is straight from the heart, right down from the depths of the soul. Not depressing but thick with melancholy and love. More love than vitriol, passionate and deep as a well. Musically adventurous, with barely a guitar to be heard and, of course, the best vocals you could hear. An incredible range, all shades and colours, from soft and beautiful to what I call Erika's 'hurt' voice. You'll know what I mean. Try to imagine anyone singing better. You won't be able to. Astonishing work. Creativity from pain - and isn't that where the best art comes from. For an artist onto her, what, 12th album(?) it's up there with the best. There aren't many artists with that level of consistency. Highly recommended - I can't stop listening. Experience visceral reality and true passion, maybe from a place you can relate to, and with superbly produced, written and performed songs from a woman in her stride, still creating her best work."  Barry Snaith (The Inconsistent Jukebox)

"Enthralled with this new album release from one of my favorite artists lola demo from Ithaca Greece. Every track is go good. Encourages repeated listens. It has all the elements I'm so attracted to: alternative rock with elements of electro and noise, beautifully composed. Her voice and lyrics in the tender emotional depths, confronting the immediate, a warrior on a shore lined cliff, deep in trance, performing a ritual of what's been lost." Anda Volley

" A work of heart and soul! All at once gritty and smooth with caramel vocals in a lovely, low register that pours on down to the roots of true emotion. Open and fearless, this is. Favorite track: Morphine Crush."  Faerytale


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Lolademo is why Soundcloud is ace. You don't know her but you'll be glad you found her sounds.

There are few female artists in the mainstream today that truly capture the uncut sounds of dirty garage punk. Those that do stand out as notable performers, their sounds are distinct, and their energy is unmatched. These are the artists who unabashedly express the feelings and emotions that others are often too timid to verbalize. Unaffected by modern conventions, artists like Erika Bach who goes by the moniker Lola Demo, are boldly taking the reigns in music and creating a sound that is illustrates the rebellious nature of indie styles while at the same time appealing to a massive audience. Formulating an intoxicating alloy of ferocious energy, fierce lyrics, and abrasive rock sounds, Lola Demo pierces the hearts of many in her track release “ I Don’t Want You”, now streaming on SoundCloud.

Delivering a dark and bone-chilling style that is reminiscent of artist Amy Winehouse, Lola’s single is certain to capture the attention of music fans, gripping them for ages to come. A self-proclaimed “one woman band”, Lola’s undertaking has already garnered an extraordinary number of accolades from critics across the digital sphere and beyond. Fans who enjoy the radical sounds of 90s garage punk will immediately be drawn into Lola Demo’s experience. “I Don’t Want You” is a satisfying fusion of gritty rock layers and engaging beats.

Music lovers will enjoy the high-powered chords and hard-driving bass. A speedy percussive performance on the drums creates an intensely wild ride, while righteous guitar shreds consume like a beast. The sound factor on the track advances forward with extreme force, resounding with fans as a striking expression of anger and artistry. Through her songwriting on the track, Lola Demo launches a verbal assault while hitting close to home for listeners. Having developed highly relatable content, she creates a vivid scene through her lyrical prowess. The track exudes “girl power”, assertiveness, and brazen rebellion in a world where women are often expected to conform to certain standards. Lola steps outside of the bubble with a defiant spirit, and sassy lyrics. In essence, “I Don’t Want You” is the quintessential definition of a chart-topping girl power anthem that guys too will love.

Born in Germany, Erika Bach, known as Lola Demo now calls Ithaca, Greece home. Recognized for writing, producing, and performing her own work, Lola’s music can be described as indie alternative. As a member of the alternative pop band Hard Candy, Erika Bach played multiple instruments including vocals, guitar, piano, bass, and noise machines before venturing out as a solo performer.

Her style encompasses a variety of influences that range from rock to grunge, and alternative. With her journey as a solo artist underway, she has produced legendary tracks singlehandedly gaining the attention of music lovers around the globe. Listen to Lola Demo’s track release “I Don’t Want You”.

MsGlitter on July 21, 2014


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If Patti Smith, Lou Reed, and Joan Jett had one night of chemically induced sexual passion, the next mornings aftermath would be Lola Demo aka Erika Bach. Lola Demo is a self-proclaimed one-woman band who grew up in Melbourne Australia, went to school in Germany, and recently moved to Greece. So as she says “Home is where her Cubase is.”

Her music is part 90′s Alternative Sludge and late Seventies Proto-Punk. It’s infectious, gritty and dark as hell. Full of piss and vinegar, and the scorn of one or two lovers, her lyrics are well thought out and can stand alone as quality pieces of songwriting. If you get a chance, you should visit her Soundcloud page and check out some songs and  read a few lyrics.

The two tracks that we picked is her latest single ‘I Don’t Want You’, a beat infused piece of 90′s garage punk and ‘I Love Anton’ a slower emotional track about love gone wrong. ‘Here I Am’ is here latest Ep recorded and mastered at Strudel Girl Studio in Ithaca Greece.  She plays all the instruments and produced the whole EP herself. Pick it up on Bandcamp and stalk her through the links provided bellow.

If you’re feeling this music share it with somebody. It’s good karma.

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... Lastly, though Australian artist lola demo’s recent “Blood on Your Lips” won’t add much light to this mix, its dark swelter is still absolutely captivating: The guitar grinds have a visceral impact, underscoring lyrics such as “if there is blood on my lips/then it’s you darling/that brought me to this.” The song’s sense of loss is palpable and tinged with anger. It’s a great song from an artist I very much want to hear more from.