"If Patti Smith, Lou Reed, and Joan Jett had one night of chemically induced sexual passion, the next mornings aftermath would be Lola Demo" 
Hittingbirth Music

"There are few female artists in the mainstream today that truly capture the uncut sounds of dirty garage punk. Those that do stand out as notable performers, their sounds are distinct, and their energy is unmatched. These are the artists who unabashedly express the feelings and emotions that others are often too timid to verbalize. Unaffected by modern conventions, artists like Erika Bach who goes by the moniker Lola Demo, are boldly taking the reigns in music and creating a sound that is illustrates the rebellious nature of indie styles while at the same time appealing to a massive audience." 
Ms Glitter - soundcloudreviews.com

Love Songs for my Post Orgasmic Sadness OUT NOW

Just released this single 'So Why Am I' available on www.lolademo.bandcamp.com and all online stores and streaming platforms. This track is the first from my next EP, unamed as yet, but will heavily be influenced by love and other fucking blissful & painful stimuli.

Morphine Crush OUT NOW

Brand new album released on Saturday 15th April 2016.  Available through www.lolademo.bandcamp.com and most online stores and streaming platforms.


"Enthralled with this new album release from one of my favorite artists lola demo from Ithaca Greece. Every track is go good. Encourages repeated listens. It has all the elements I'm so attracted to: alternative rock with elements of electro and noise, beautifully composed. Her voice and lyrics in the tender emotional depths, confronting the immediate, a warrior on a shore lined cliff, deep in trance, performing a ritual of what's been lost." Anda Volley (musician/writer)